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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photo Talk: Food Photography

If you like to cook and bake like I do, chances are you also like food photography. The two go hand in hand. Going grocery shopping becomes a different experience when you are looking for food that photographs well.

 My mother brought over a few figs for us to try this past week-end. I have never been a big fan of figs. But I immediately thought to myself upon looking at them, "Look at that great color, and I bet they would look even better sliced open. I need to photograph these figs." Yeah, I know... probably weird to some. So here are the lovely figs.

And on that note, The talented Helene Dujardin from the blog Tartelette has written a new food photography book which looks absolutely fabulous! I will be buying a copy for sure. You can have a peek inside the book at Amazon and Ez from Creature Comforts has written a review of the book here.

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